In the beginning was...

OrgAniC music. Actually there were a lot of things before that, but the collaboration of ITI began under the moniker of OrgAniC music where we started to mould our vision of what direction electronic music should take.

Shape the future by re-shaping the past

Below you'll find some released OrgAniC music-tracks. Feel free to suck them in to listen to but what we would really appreciate is if you or your band would like to remake/remix them. Just contact us and we'll arrange for you to have the tapes to work with! Test Tube (2006) 1. OrgAniCmusic - Control   2. OrgAniCmsuic - Desert Walk 3. OrgAniCmusic - Heavy Hitter Snoring Transmitter 4. OrgAniCmusic - Project 2 5. OrgAniCmusic - Selfcontained 6. OrgAniCmusic - Offering Site     OrgAniC Circuit$ (2009) 01. Another Day (blaffig manet mix) 02. HHST(phase two ext mix) 03. Inside A Door 04. A Kiss 05. Distroted

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