Going into the studio again!

ITI have literally gotten our gear together and after a long period of satellite producing we're joining forces this hallowed weekend to add the vocal tracks to what will hopefully result in six complete songs. Coffee and pizza as well as aggressive dedication will be our fuel on this mission. Check back soon for an update on how things are progressing.  

Remix under production

ITI is currently working on a remix project for a band signed to an affiliated label. How, when and what the song will be is subject to a lot of external factors but we have tried to add our own ITI touch to the song. We hope you are doing OK and are equally psyched for the forthcoming album of ITI.

A few friends has left us

Sadly we have recently sold our trusted Waldorf XT and the older Yamaha TG77. Both very fine pieces of equipment for the synthetician willing to experiment with sounds. The XT has always been a trusted bass maker as well as giving those smooth pads along with metallic noises. Get one if you can find one. The TG77 is nowadays pretty old but the potential in this box is still a rare thing to be found. It's a real challenge to program. I would almost say impossible to program with a predictable outcome unless you really get under it's hood. It's definitely recommended to use some sort of software programmer for this beast due to it's small display and complicated architecture.